Ciro Amos Ferrero in Chiro art born in 1977, born in a family of artists, his paternal grandfather is a painter and nephew of the great engraver Francesco Mennyey.

He studies and applies himself in ancient painting techniques developing a great craftsmanship that he still uses in his works.

Enrolled in the Acaemia of Brera, in 1998 he distinguished himself among the most interesting emerging students and was selected by participating in the "Saloon Primo".

In addition to attending the Academy, he enrolled in an experimental and temporary film school, followed the course held by Nuccio Ambrosino and worked for important production companies in Milan. At 21 years of age, the European social fund invests in its short film "La foto del mare".

After completing his studies at Brera, his rebellious and eclectic character led him to experiment and change different jobs including the restorer, the set designer and the decorator.

Change city dividing between Milan, Ancona and the province of Trapani.

Technical knowledge and endless passion for art will lead Chiro to pursue a teaching career at important high schools and courses for aspiring painters.

Through photography he finds a new expressive technique that will find him among the finests of the 2015 Cascella award.

Chiro combines all his artistic knowledge in a single sphere, creating synergies between the various elements and using the most varied expressive techniques, he is a complete artist who moves without hesitating from painting to sculpture, from video to photography.




A continuous conceptual experiment, through all the materials and tools. From the perceived social void, to the look given to the world through a famous cut, now hidden. Until the blow that overturns religion.


Filippo Ferrero

The work of Chiro is born, develops, changes and is consumed in the continuous presence of a mediality from which all, today, we have no chance. In fact, it is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid the constant messages of each new one, be it informational or market-based: in any case it is reached and dominated above all by the image now in every place. Chiro is not much bothered by this, he belongs to a generation that has grown up like new technologies that are constantly changing as well as the electronic icons they transmit. Chiro records, memorizes, annotates and proposes to us a further mediality, realized with means that are anything but technological, which is placed between art and new craftsmanship. Written, photographic reports, details of domestic or external tropical interiors are used as Ready-made and / or citations, others in compositions whose outcome is always in Work in progress. Even in the latest works, in which three-dimensionality is the protagonist, these elements significantly connote a curious, intelligent language that is more than ever present in his time.


Stefano Pizzi


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